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Medentra® is a leading brand that supply a wide range of dental, surgical and orthodontic instruments covering a huge variety from forceps, elevators, orthodontic pliers, needle holders, dental syringes to scissors, tweezers, scalers, explorers, pluggers, curettes, composite and various other hand instruments etc. Our quality instruments precise range has been developed by having close contacts with dental surgeons, hygienists, laboratory professionals and a well-developed supply chain supplying them with precision crafted instruments that we believe, other than supplier/customer relation, is more than a great medium in order to keep our products up-to-date.


All reusable dental and surgical instrument products are exclusively manufactured, processed and packed for Medentra® at Medentra Manufacturing Pakistan, supplied with guarantee/warranty cards packed with each product individually. All individual cards inside carry the instructions for care and handling of the instruments in order to enjoy exceptionally well and high precision performance. 


Medentra® ensures the manufacturing of its products with highest quality AISI (American Iron and Steel Institute) standard materials under ISO and CE regulations. This code of standard practice helps us develop and maintain the stringent quality assurance at every stage of manufacturing from raw material to finished product that is indeed a remarkable achievement in order for Medentra® to produce high quality products with extremely competitive prices, which undoubtedly eliminates the need for dentists to look for low quality alternatives. 


The company, being located in England, has always been focused on the top-end specialist sector of dental and surgical instruments market. Medentra® is proud of its rich corporate heritage, strong tradition and the product range that is continually being expanded to incorporate the newest technologies and trends. Medentra’s expertise in research, development and manufacturing of high quality dental instruments aims at offering always innovative solutions for the dentist’s everyday challenges.


Currently Medentra® instruments are exported in more than 50 countries on the globe every year and are well appreciated in all the professional dental circles. Our quality conscious attitude coupled with selection of finest quality materials and the craftsmanship of our highly skilled workmen makes it possible to developing a wonderful blend of modern and traditional instruments making and ultimately offering extremely durable and economical priced products.