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Medentra® is a leading British brand  introduced  by Smart Instruments  (UK)  Ltd (the  parent  company), England,  which  is  involved  in  manufacturing  and  distributing  a wide  range  of dental,  surgical  and orthodontic  instruments covering  a  huge  variety  from  forceps,  elevators, orthodontic pliers, needle holders,  dental  syringes  to  scissors, tweezers,  scalers,  explorers,  pluggers,  curettes,  composite  and various  other hand  instruments  etc.  Our  quality instruments  precise  range  has  been developed  by having close  contacts with  dental  surgeons,  hygienists, laboratory  professionals and  a  well  developed supply  chain  supplying  them  with  precision  crafted  instruments  that  we  believe,  other  than supplier/customer relation, is more than a great medium in order to keep our products up-to-date.