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Medentra restorative instruments include an exclusive range from plastic filling instruments, excavators, cavity liner, carvers, pluggers & condensers, hatchets, cleoid discoids, spreaders, burnishers, cement spatulas, articulating paper forceps, amalgam carriers, wax instruments, calipers & gauges, matrix retainers, crown removers and rubber dam instruments.
Medentra diagnostic instruments cover a comprehensive range from mirror & mirror handles, probes, explores, measuring probes and tweezers.
Medentra orthodontic instruments range covers a variety of instruments from band pushers & seaters, bracket placers, orthodontic pliers & instruments, ligature tie pliers, distal end cutters, wire cutters, wire bending pliers and needle holders.
Medentra surgical instruments include extraction forceps, root elevators, aspirating syringes, scissors, tungsten carbide instruments, retractors, mouth gags, scalpel handles, periosteal elevators, root tip instruments, root fragment forceps, bone rongeurs, bone files, mallets, bone chisels, tissue and dressing forceps, hemostats, needle holders and towel clamps.
Medentra periodontal instruments range includes curettes, scalers, periodontal probes and tissue nippers.
Medentra implantology new range instruments extend a unique variety of instruments including torque wrenches, ratchet wrenches, implants, ostetomes, chisels, mallets, sinus lift instruments, bone crushers and measuring calipers.
Medentra miscellaneous instruments include bur holders, napkin holders, film holders, instruments trays & boxes, impression trays, kidney trays, sterilization cassettes, sterilization drums, endo boxes, cotton dispensers, and alcohol burners etc.